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Spring Ensemble Artists’ Reception photos

By May 11, 2018June 4th, 2019Salon Post

Artist Master and pupil at her side.

Vanessa Elle Wilde and Portia La Touche at Hera Hub artists’ reception

We had a big turnout at the Spring Ensemble Artists’ Reception at Hera Hub Carlsbad last evening! Many good friends, many fellow artists, lots of Hera Hub members and general art lovers came for wine, cheese, talk about art, and buy art. I sold 5 paintings, so many, many thanks to my new Patrons for their patronage and support of the arts.

Few things are purchased for a lifetime. Art is.

Vanessa Elle Wilde, one of the other artists exhibiting at this Spring Ensemble exhibit, and I were interviewed by Hera Hub Owner, Lisane Basquiat, who I am honored is also one of my art Patrons. We were asked to discuss wh

Gordon Ma, Master Seal Carver

at inspires us, why we choose the mediums of art we work in, and what advice we could offer the audience in terms of pursuing our dreams. This interview was being videoed, so as soon as it is published, I will post the link here.