“Heaven & Earth” exhibit at Fresh Paint Gallery in La Jolla

By October 14, 2019 Salon Post

Zen Destiny

I am super excited to be invited to show at Fresh Paint Gallery in La Jolla!  This is a professional gallery, not a ‘pay to play’ type of gallery that I often exhibit at.  Not that there is anything wrong with paying the rent myself to exhibit my art.  But being accepted in to a professional gallery is certainly a dream come true for all artists.

And in the process, I was challenged to create some new and unique works of art using the traditional tools of Asian brush painting – ink, rice paper and bamboo brushes – in a non-traditional style, which is the direction I am taking my painting.

Here is my painting “Zen Destiny.”  The enso, or Zen circle, is not a character, it is simply a stroke of the brush.  Here, the enso represents the vast emptiness of space.

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