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“Heaven & Earth” exhibit at Fresh Paint Gallery in La Jolla

By October 14, 2019September 18th, 2020Salon Post

Zen Destiny

I am super excited to be invited to show at Fresh Paint Gallery in La Jolla!  This is a professional gallery, not a ‘pay to play’ type of gallery that I often exhibit at.  Not that there is anything wrong with paying the rent myself to exhibit my art.  But being accepted in to a professional gallery is certainly a dream come true for all artists.

And in the process, I was challenged to create some new and unique works of art using the traditional tools of Asian brush painting – ink, rice paper and bamboo brushes – in a non-traditional style, which is the direction I am taking my painting.

Here is my painting “Zen Destiny.”  The enso, or Zen circle, is not a character, it is simply a stroke of the brush.  Here, the enso represents the vast emptiness of space.

To view details of my five paintings at Fresh Paint Gallery in La Jolla, please visit their website:
You may purchase these works directly from the Gallery, or feel free to contact me: