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I attempt to express beauty through my art.  And I challenge myself – and my audience – to think more broadly and critically about what is beauty and what is art, what we like and why.

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Asian Brush Painting refers to the traditional style of painting from China and Japan. The key elements are rice paper, ink, and transparent watercolors that are used sparingly. My interpretations of this style can be very loyal to the ancient tradition or can be very bold and contemporary. I love the immediacy of Asian Brush Painting – it’s all about the brush stroke, often referred to as dancing with the brush.

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Watercolors are the vehicle, and I am just along for the ride!  It’s all about the water and how the paints interact together to create spontaneous, serendipitous effects. I apply many of the techniques from Asian Brush Painting to this medium, plus I love to use pen & ink with watercolors.

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I began my journey in Chinese Brush Painting as a ceramic artist in the 1980’s. I worked in high temperature porcelain and made dinnerware, vases and other functional pieces which I decorated with Asian designs. Nothing gave me more pleasure than being elbow deep in wet clay, and then ultimately opening the kiln to witness the chemical transformation of earth into fine china.

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Portia La Touche is an artist from San Diego pursuing the discipline of traditional Asian brush painting and ceramics with the aesthetic of contemporary art.  Inspiration comes from classic Japanese and Chinese works of art, from the endless wonders in Nature, and from the spontaneity of dancing with the brush.

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