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Live Chinese Brush Painting Performance at Liberty Station


Friday, Feb. 3, 2107, at the “Friday Night Liberty – Fall in Love with Art” event at Liberty Station in Pt. Loma.

I, along with two other artists, will be representing Chinese Brush Painting Society in partnership with San Diego Chinese Historical Museum at a gallery to present Chinese Live Art and celebrate the Chinese New Year.   We will demonstrate Chinese brush painting and calligraphy to the public and hang our freshly created masterpieces on a clothes line for all to view and purchase.  I will create paintings of roosters for the Chinese New Year of the Rooster, as well as spring gardens in honor of Spring Festival.

Here is the SDCHM website link with all the details you need:


If you are not familiar with this event, Liberty Station galleries and shops open their doors on the first Friday evening and hundreds of people come and walk around.  Restaurants are hopping and it’s quite a scene.  Here is a link:  http://libertystation.com/events/friday-night-liberty-fall-love-art-2/.  It’s all free.

Chinese Brush Painting Society 2016 Annual Exhibit & Sale

Featuring original Chinese brush paintings by members of

the Chinese Brush Painting Society.

You are cordially invited to our artists’ reception on

Sunday, October 30, 2016, 4:30 – 6:30 pm

I will have several paintings on exhibit as well as matted artworks for sale.

Please join me at the reception!

Exhibit runs from October 26 through November 7, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm daily.  Admission is free.

Gallery 21 at Spanish Village in Balboa Park

1770 Village Place, San Diego 92101


2016 San Diego Fair Fine Art Exhibit

Peony flowers Peonies of Heze

Two of my paintings, “Peonies of Heze” and “Rising Above Desire,” have been juried in to the 2016 San Diego Fair Fine Art Exhibit, Asian Brush Category.

A bit about these artworks –

The city of Heze is the peony flower capital of China, and when I visited there in 2013, I was overwhelmed with the miles of amazing flowers, their buds hard and dense, then opening up to lacy, full-faced bursts of color. I tried to capture that experience.

The lotus grows in muddy water and is a symbol of man rising above the muck of life, including desire, to a more noble being.

Lotus in Pond Rising Above Desire

Embracing a Noble Tradition

I am very pleased to have two paintings juried in to my first museum exhibit!

“Embracing a Noble Tradition – Chinese Painting & Calligraphy as an American Expression.”

Please join me at the opening reception at this very prestigious exhibit at

the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum on Saturday, May 7, 2016, from 2:00 – 4:00 pm.

one page invite

“Snow Whispers Among the Birches” at Sumi-e Society of America Exhibit

“Snow Whispers Among the Birches” was accepted to the 2014 Sumi-e Society of America Juried Exhibition in September. This is a prestigious show of paintings created in the Asian style – both Japanese and Chinese Brush Painting, and was judged by eminent artist Charles Liu. This is my first national show!

Portia’s “Tiger” accepted at San Diego Fair

“Think Like a Tiger” has been juried in to the 2014 San Diego Fair (formerly Del Mar Fair) Fine Art Exhibition, Asian Brush category. This is a traditional ink and watercolor painting done on rice paper. The title comes from an ancient Chinese saying: “if you want to paint a tiger, think like a tiger.”

“Snow Whispers Among the Birches” wins AACBP Best of Show!

My Chinese Brush Painting called “Snow Whispers Among the Birches” was selected as the Best of Show at the annual American Artists of Chinese Brush Painting exhibition in Huntington Beach, CA. Out of the 90 excellent paintings, this one was honored with the top prize.

New landscape techniques fresh from Beijing

Portia recently returned from studying in China with Professor Su of Beijing University Art Dept. and shared a new technique of painting landscapes that is popular in China. The technique involves crinkling the rice paper in specific directions to create textures and then touching only the tops of the crinkles with the side of the brush, allowing the white of the paper to persist.

Dream Journey to China 2013

American Artists Dream Journey, organized by Ning Yeh, master Chinese Brush Painter and his master organizer wife, Lingchi Yeh, of Oriental Art Supply. A three week journey in April of artists to Beijing, Zhengzhou, Heze, Qufu, Jinan, Shanghai, Tunxi and Hong Village, Huangshan ...

“Creating a Legacy with Contemporary Zen Art” exhibit of Asian Brush paintings by Rosemary KimBal and Portia La Touche

Two San Diego artists, Rosemary KimBal and Portia La Touche, have passed on the tradition of Brush Painting in the Asian Manner from Master to Pupil and created a body of Contemporary Zen Art and a legacy which is carried forward from one generation of artists to the next.